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View of Sipaulovi and Mishongnovi Villages

Along Arizona State Highway 264 between Tuba City and Gallup, New Mexico are hidden places that you can find only with a local guide. These places are in the heart of the Hopi Homelands and have special stories, significance and history. You won’t find these places in a tourism brochure except maybe social media by someone who has been here. 

So, are you a traveler who needs a “plan”? Do you just book a tour and show up? Do you want to take a look-see for one day or do you like to camp out? What is your motivation or expectation for the visit? Knowledge, History, Authentic, hand-made Jewelry & Crafts? Whatever your preference, a visit can be tailored to your schedule on the Hopi Reservation.

Consider visiting our Hopi Homelands.


The Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites in Tuba City, AZ is conveniently located at the western gateway to Hopi tribal lands., 928-283-4500

Hopi Cultural Center in Second Mesa, AZ is centrally located on the Hopi Reservation just off State Route 264., 928-734-2401


All along State Route you will find Hopi owned gift shops with authentic Hopi Arts and Crafts. Your hand crafted gift purchases will directly support local artisans whose talents keep the local traditions and culture alive. No imports from China here.

Cash is appreciated.


Hopi Law Enforcement            928-734-7340 -  Emergency

                                            928-734-7344 - Non-emergency

Hopi Health Care Center          928-737-6000

Hopi EMS                               928-737-6000

Hopi Tribe                              928-734-3000

As of August 2021, face masks and social distancing are required. Small groups, no larger than 10 can travel with a Hopi tour guide. Call tour guide links to get more recent updates.